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Cloud computing at your fingertips

Agylia is built on a native cloud application architecture that enables you to scale learner numbers from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands, quickly and easily. The system is secure, resilient and boasts excellent performance even with vast user numbers and large file sizes.

  • Accelerated performance for users
  • Dedicated, global content delivery network with intelligent content routing
  • Support for very large user numbers
  • Resilient, fault tolerant and secure
True cloud LMS
  • Global content delivery

    Excellent performance for users is vital and Agylia achieves this with an advanced dedicated content delivery network to ensure that users globally have the best possible content access experience, no matter where they are in the world.

    The Agylia cloud content delivery network can be configured to ensure that your content is delivered from servers that are closest to your audience taking into account their geographic location. This helps to minimise network latency and maximise content response times for your learners.

    Agylia's flexible content delivery network also enables us to help address our customers' tax and data sovereignty issues and requirements, by ensuring that your data remains within specific territories. For certain businesses and industry sectors this can be necessary for political, compliance and regulatory reasons.

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    Global content delivery
  • Data sovereignty

    Legislation, industry regulation or compliance requirements may place constraints on where you can hold yours and your customers’ data. Agylia servers and content delivery nodes can be configured for specific geographic regions.

    Data sovereignty
  • Scalability

    Agylia’s native cloud application architecture means that specific services can be scaled up and scaled out and tailored to your specific workloads and usage spikes, regardless of the number of users and the amount or type of content you have on the platform.

  • Resilience and service

    Because of its distributed architecture, Agylia is highly resilient and fault tolerant, which means maximum reliability and uptime. Our service level agreements are there to support you and your specific needs.

    When combined with the offline consumption capability of the Agylia Mobile Learning Apps, it means users will have the maximum opportunity to use your learning and support resources.

    Resilience and service
  • Rapid implementation

    Gone are the days of six or even twelve month system implementations. We will carefully manage your implementation, providing full training and support - enabling you to be up and running with your own branded Agylia LMS within days and weeks.

    Rapid implementation
  • No hardware required

    As a cloud based system we provide all the server infrastructure you need, securely and reliably. We will manage the loads on your system and enable more server capacity if it’s needed, making life easier and smoother for you and your audience.

    No hardware required


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Some of our clients:
  • Microsoft
  • FCO
  • Deloitte
  • E.ON
  • PWC
  • Telefonica
  • NHS Digital
  • RBS
  • Virgin Trains
  • Jhpiego
  • Pernod Ricard