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Support your learners with mobile learning Apps

Agylia mobile learning Apps enable learners to access the digital learning content and performance support resources they need, at the point of need, anywhere in the world - even when they're offline.

  • Native mobile learning Apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Class leading BYOD support
  • Offline tracking with auto re-sync
  • Push notifications

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Mobile Learning Apps | Agylia Learning Management System
  • On-the-go learning

    Agylia mobile learning Apps – for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets – give learners the digital learning and support tools they need, ready for access at any time.

    Whether learners are travelling, working away from their normal office location, are in the field or at home, using Agylia mobile learning Apps, learners can access their learning materials wherever they are. 

    Learners can access their eLearning and microlearning courses, view many other types of digital content – such as videos, PDFs and Office documents – and engage in social learning, all in one powerful App.

    On-the-go learning
  • No internet, no problem. Empowering learners offline

    Even when they’re offline, learners can access content via the Agylia mobile learning App. 

    No internet, no problem. Empowering learners offline
  • Keep track of all learning activities

    Tracking continues to work when the learner's device is offline – data is automatically sent to the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) when the device is next online – giving you a complete picture of all learning experiences.

    Keep track of all learning activities
  • Multi-language mobile Apps support learners wherever they are

    Support learners with learning experiences in their preferred language across the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps for tablet and mobile devices.

    The Agylia mobile learning App auto-detects the language of the device and displays the selected language.

    Multi-language mobile Apps support learners wherever they are
  • Inform learners of new and updated content

    Notifications are a great way to tell people about new or updated content and to remind them of content completion deadlines.

    With push notifications via the App, your valuable communications won’t be ignored or lost in inboxes – as can happen with emails.

    Inform learners of new and updated content
  • Give learners control

    Place learners in complete control of the amount of device storage used by the App.

    With a “manage storage” feature, learners can easily remove some or all content if they no longer need it - content remains available for download if / when needed again. 

    Complete tracking and usage analytics for content removed by a learner remains accessible via the Agylia LMS.  

    Give learners control
  • QR code scanning

    Provide instant access to relevant learning materials and information whenever they’re needed, simply by scanning a QR code or barcode. 

    This could include product point-of-sale information or equipment operation and maintenance instructions. 

    QR code scanning
  • Keep your information secure

    Data is sent over encrypted channels to ensure your data remains confidential and tamper proof.

    App-specific PINs can be used to protect access to the content maintained by the Apps.

    For added security, locally stored content can be encrypted and a range of additional security features provided for specialist scenarios.

    Keep your information secure


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Some of our clients:
  • Microsoft
  • FCO
  • Deloitte
  • HSBC
  • Sovini Group
  • Network Rail
  • Morgan Sindall
  • Jhpiego
  • Pernod Ricard
  • JD Williams
  • National Grid
  • PWC
  • QNET
  • Human Performance Institute
  • Johnson and Johnson