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Engage and challenge learners with gamification

Gamification helps make learning fun, challenging, engaging and effective. You can define rules to allocate points and awards, use competitive leaderboards as a motivational tool and design custom badges to reward achievement.

  • Competitive leaderboards
  • Trophies, badges, and medals
  • Configurable rules based on activity
  • Optional integration with 3rd party reward schemes


Gamification | Agylia Learning Management System


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  • Add elements of competition to your learning programmes

    Gamification can be a great way to encourage participation and learner engagement. Allocate points to users to reward desired activities. Points can accumulate into achievement awards and prizes and individual targets can be set for users.

    Optional global or group leaderboards can add an element of competition amongst different groups of users.

    Add elements of competition to your learning programmes
  • The power to set when and how points are allocated

    Allocate points and awards based on a wide variety of different desired behaviours – including learning activity that occurs inside and outside of the LMS.

    A flexible rules engine enables you to set how and when points and awards should be allocated. The rules engine is driven from the activities that are logged to the platform’s learning record store.

    For example, you can allocate points for completing content and additional points for scoring well in an assessment. Allocate a badge to signify points-based targets being achieved or allocate a trophy for achieving a 100 per cent test mark.

    The power to set when and how points are allocated
Some of our clients:
  • Microsoft
  • Deloitte
  • HSBC
  • Samaritans
  • PGA
  • BACP
  • Breast Cancer Now
  • CGT Catapult
  • National Youth Agency
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Royal Aeronautical Society
  • Royal Society for Public Health
  • Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
  • Furniture Village
  • Morgan Sindall