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Advanced analytics and tracking

Why limit what you can track to eLearning content running in a browser? In addition to SCORM eLearning, Agylia supports the Experience API (Tin Can) and includes an integrated Learning Record Store (LRS) which enables you to track activity occurring both inside and outside the LMS environment.

  • Fully integrated learning record store
  • Activity tracking from online and mobile content and Apps
  • Capture informal learning activities
  • Export and import LRS data


Experience API
  • Integrated learning record store

    Agylia includes a fully integrated, industry standard learning record store. This is the central repository for activity that occurs both inside and outside of the LMS.

    Example activities that can be tracked include watching a video, opening a PDF document, starting and completing a course, obtaining a score in an assessment, attending classroom training and much more.

    Integrated learning record store
  • Informal learning activities

    Agylia enables your learners to log their informal learning activities i.e. activities that occur outside of the LMS like watching a YouTube video, reading a book, conducting a mentoring session, attending an external class and other custom defined types. This enables you to gather a complete history of a user's learner journey.

    Learners can also upload evidence such as certificates of completion, or scans or photographs of course evaluation forms to prove the validity of their external learning.

    Informal learning activities
  • 70:20:10

    The 70:20:10 learning development model recognises that learning occurs everywhere and is accessible in many different forms and is not limited to the traditional SCORM tracked eLearning. In fact this accounts for a tiny percentage of learning that occurs in the workplace.

    By tracking informal learning activities beyond the LMS, you can start to identify the patterns, behaviours and learning paths that lead to the greatest performance gains, based on the specific key performance indicators most relevant to your business.



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