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CPD solutions - capture and manage all activities

Empower your learners to take ownership of their continuing professional development (CPD) and build a continuous learning record – one that truly reflects how they learn and develop in their careers.

  • Enable learners to meet internal and external CPD requirements
  • Configure points or time allocation based on learning activities
  • Allow learners to record activities, upload evidence and add reflections
  • Manage the CPD review and audit process 
CPD Solutions | Agylia Learning Management System


Learn more about Agylia’s solutions and services:

  • Highly configurable CPD management

    Configure Agylia to meet the CPD ‘points’ terminology and specification you use – for example, points, credits, hours or units.

    Manage how and when CPD points are allocated - award points based on a wide range of learning activities, outcomes and behaviours.

    You can also specify CPD start and end dates, tailor targets (internal and external) and review learners’ CPD records, to ensure they’re meeting requirements.

    Use Agylia to include optional approval workflows so that a nominated individual, such as a manager, can interact with the learner, approving and providing feedback on their learning and CPD activities.

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    Highly configurable CPD management
  • CPD planning for the year ahead

    CPD planning within Agylia enables learners to create CPD plans and set targeted objectives against different skills, competencies, knowledge development, or learning outcomes they wish to achieve.  

    CPD planning for the year ahead
  • Automatic tracking of learning and CPD activities

    When learners complete learning and CPD activities - such as eLearning and microlearning courses, videos or podcasts - within the Agylia LMS, the allocated CPD ‘points’ are automatically record in their learning and CPD history.

    Learners are able to save time, by avoiding the need for manual logging of learning and CPD activities. They will also have confidence that their records are always up-to-date and they can easily evidence their development. 

    Automatic tracking of learning and CPD activities
  • Take learning out of the formal learning environment

    Assign tasks to individuals or groups that must be completed to meet the required CPD goals.

    These can be tasks that are external to the system, such as interviewing an individual, performing a practical exercise to show you have learnt something, or practising a skill in the real world. Tasks can be linked to uploaded evidence to validate completion.

    You can also track the progress of learners through the tasks and the subsequent awarding of new CPD points.

    Take learning out of the formal learning environment
  • CPD and external learning activity tracking

    When learning is done outside of the Agylia LMS, learners are able to capture and record all those learning activities.

    External CPD activities can include both independent personal development and support for externally organised events.

    Agylia’s personal development tracking opens the way to record the full range of personal learning and developmental activities. This might include informal home study, voluntary work, delivering lectures or presentations, and hosting or receiving coaching and mentoring sessions.

    External events can include a variety of tasks, such as attending external training courses or night school, workshops, conferences or webinars – Agylia tracks them all.

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    CPD and external learning activity tracking
  • Upload evidence to support CPD activities

    Sometimes you will need to validate and approve an individual’s independent learning. With Agylia, learners can upload evidence, such as completion and results certificates, or maybe scans or photographs of course evaluation forms, to confirm their external learning activities.

    You can include optional approval workflows so that a nominated manager, trainer or coach can interact with the learner and provide feedback – and ultimately approve the activity.

    Upload evidence to support CPD activities
  • Apps enable CPD wherever learners are

    You can deliver digital learning and CPD content to your learners’ mobile devices via the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps. Learners use the Apps to download content, go offline and still be able to retrieve their learning and CPD content.

    The Apps also give learners access to their CPD record, enabling them to upload their learning activities and supporting evidence – wherever they are.

    Whether learners are in an office, travelling, working away or at home, they can always access their learning and CPD.

    Apps enable CPD wherever learners are
  • Review and audit CPD activities

    With Agylia you can review and audit the CPD activities across your organisation. Learners submit their CPD record for evaluation by internal reviewers, who then perform audits, provide feedback, and accept or reject entries – all with two-way, automated communication between the two.

    Learners can also export their CPD record at any point – ready for external review and audit, should it be required.

    Review and audit CPD activities
  • Send communications and deadline reminders

    Minimise administrators’ workloads and send timed communications and reminders to individuals or groups – to ensure no deadlines are missed. With Agylia mobile learning Apps, you can take advantage of notifications, in addition to emails.

    Managers can also be sent CPD reports to monitor progress and completions.

    Send communications and deadline reminders
  • Certification and certification renewal

    Award personalised certificates to learners who have completed courses, curriculum or tasks. You can also automate the entire process and even send reminders and escalation emails to individuals and their managers when a certification is due to expire.

    Certification and certification renewal
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