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Manage certifications and ensure compliance

If compliance and regulation are important in your industry, then Agylia combines extensive compliance functionality, curricula control and certification management to accommodate even the most demanding regulatory frameworks.

  • Customisable PDF certificates
  • Certificate renewal processing
  • Exception reporting and escalation
  • Certification learning pathways
Certification and compliance
  • Certificate renewal processing

    Your certificates can have optional expiry dates and you can use Agylia to record awards and then help manage the re-certification process.

    You can specify the actions that individuals must take in order to renew their certification and direct them to combinations of learning, refresher and update materials and assessments, tracking their progress through these and the subsequent award of a new certificate.

    Certificate renewal processing
  • Exception reporting and escalation

    Sometimes certificates are useful in themselves as a straightforward reward for learners, but if you really want to use them as a powerful incentive or even a compliance mechanism, then you need automated management and escalation procedures.

    With Agylia, you can send timed reminders to individuals of increasing urgency and report to their managers of their progress or lack of it. You can even issue work-bans for individuals whose eligibility to work has expired because they have not re-certificated.

    Exception reporting and escalation
  • Certification curriculum and learning pathways

    You can quickly build learning pathways with Agylia that direct your learners through a combination of different learning assets. These curricula can be a combination of mandatory or advisory training with optional elements and assessments, how you structure and target each curriculum is up to you.

    Your curriculum can include any combination of eLearning courses, eBooks, videos and even independent learning activities.

    Certification curriculum and learning pathways
  • PDF certificates

    Agylia lets you award PDF based certificates to individuals based on their completion of training content or entire curricula. You can customise the certificate templates for example by incorporating your company logo and configuring the text and fields displayed on the certificate.

    The use of PDF makes it easy for learners to download, print and email their certificates.

    PDF certificates


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Some of our clients:
  • Microsoft
  • FCO
  • Deloitte
  • E.ON
  • PWC
  • Telefonica
  • NHS Digital
  • RBS
  • Virgin Trains
  • Jhpiego
  • Pernod Ricard