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Taking learning out into the real world

Action Based Learning provides a new and innovative approach to learning. Apply and reinforce your training programmes by setting practical tasks and activities for individuals and groups to complete in the real world.

  • Assign practical tasks that learners complete to extend their learning through experience
  • Encourage exploration and ongoing independent learning and personal development
  • Combine tasks with formal learning to define curriculum and development pathways
  • Give learners the ability to upload evidence to support task completion
Action Based Learning
  • Practical tasks and activities

    With Agylia’s Action Based Learning, you can take learning out of the formal environment – beyond just eLearning and assessments – into real world situations.

    Assign practical tasks and activities for learners to complete - outside of the LMS - such as conducting a mentoring session, presenting a seminar, writing a report, or maybe making a video of a meeting.

    Action Based Learning supports the 70:20:10 model by encouraging individuals to apply learning through job related assignments, building on formal training by actually putting it into practice.   

    Practical tasks and activities
  • Define internal development pathways

    A variety of Action Based Learning tasks and activities can be linked or combined with other types of training to create comprehensive learning pathways and curricula.

    Create a structured induction programme – including tasks such as shadowing a colleague, meeting with different departments and completing a starting week 'diary' – to ensure all new employees experience the same high quality and engaging introduction to the organisation. If required, new starters can upload application forms, CVs and passport or visa copies.

    For compliance, you can show learners the tasks they need to complete to demonstrate the training and knowledge required by regulatory bodies.

    Are you rolling out a new product or service? You can assign exploration tasks on new features and benefits for your employees, distributors and partners to discover and understand - they will then sell and promote your product or service accurately and confidently.

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    Define internal development pathways
  • Meet external knowledge levels and training requirements

    Use Action Based Learning to direct your learners to the resources and activities they need to ensure they meet the knowledge levels and training requirements of external membership organisations and professional bodies.

    Development pathways can be created, so learners undertake any required continuing professional development (CPD) activities, or complete procedures to achieve industry specific accreditations.

    Meet external knowledge levels and training requirements
  • Upload supporting documents

    Learners use Agylia to create and upload evidence showing how they completed their Action Based Learning and any other external activities. Individuals can add comments and explanations to files on an easy-to-use interface.

    Learners can also upload a wide range of evidence, reports, presentations, videos, scanned documents, photographs, certificates, and much more.

    Agylia checks the files to ensure only the types you want are uploaded and that non-approved formats are prohibited. 

    Upload supporting documents
  • Mentor review, feedback and approval

    Agylia offers the option of flexible workflow. Managers, tutors and mentors can review a learner’s progress through assignments – including any supporting documents that are uploaded.

    Mentors provide feedback and support and can direct learners to additional learning resources and materials if required. Learners can interact, do extra work and update their submissions. When the mentors are satisfied, they can approve the completed task. 

    Reflection is a vital part of the learning and growth process. With Action Based Learning, individuals are encouraged to reflect and consider their experiences, so they can learn from them.

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    Mentor review, feedback and approval
  • One-to-one mentoring and communications

    Managers and learners can communicate one-to-one in a controlled channel, centered around specific tasks – ideal for performance reviews and appraisals.

    One-to-one mentoring and communications


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