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Custom eLearning for your learning needs

We create custom eLearning, microlearning and digital learning content that engages learners and delivers results across compliance, induction and onboarding, leadership development, sales training and other learning programmes. We deliver multi-language and multi-device digital learning.

  • Highly creative and innovative team of instructional designers and media specialists
  • Experts in the use of gamification and rich media to increase engagement
  • Extensive induction, compliance, leadership development and skills training experience 
  • Advanced design process rooted in proven pedagogic approaches
Custom eLearning
  • Watch our showreel

    Watch our showreel
  • Responsive eLearning

    Our expertise in designing responsive eLearning allows us to create single versions of courses that change layout depending on the user’s device - desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

    This means your eLearning content can be delivered to the widest range of users.

    Responsive eLearning
  • Designs, illustrations and storyboards

    Our designs, illustrations and storyboards will show you how eye-catching visual graphics can turn complex information into clear, fun and engaging scenario-based challenges, and objective-led learning.

    At all stages, we make sure organisational and learner needs are at the forefront of your learning.

    Designs, illustrations and storyboards
  • Gamification

    We create effective gamification elements that motivate and inspire learners, helping to enhance the engagement, adoption and ongoing use of your learning resources.

    We'll help you to promote a healthy and competitive learning environment that offers rewards, achievements and leaderboards.

    Gamification is particularly effective in making compliance and induction programmes fun and engaging.

  • Video, audio and photography

    Using our in-house media experts and production capabilities, we can capture, narrate and produce a wide range of rich media - including videos, audio and photography - to enhance your blended learning programmes.

    We can also incorporate existing or third-party produced media into your eLearning - which could save you time and money.

    Video, audio and photography
  • Animations and demonstrations

    We can design and create animations and demonstrations as part of your eLearning courses or as standalone learning resources - your processes or procedures will be communicated clearly and precisely.

    Animations and demonstrations
  • Simulations

    Simulations provide hands-on learning experiences that are perfect for improving product or skills knowledge.

    We can create full simulations or short scenes to replicate software solutions, products and environments.

  • Localisation

    We know how to deliver efficient and effective localisation into any language and any local script – so you can give the same high-quality eLearning to your international learners, wherever they are in the world.



For our full collection, please see our whitepapers and datasheets sections.

Some of our clients:
  • Microsoft
  • FCO
  • Deloitte
  • HSBC
  • Sovini Group
  • Network Rail
  • Virgin Trains
  • Jhpiego
  • Pernod Ricard
  • JD Williams
  • National Grid
  • PWC
  • QNET
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Human Performance Institute