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QuoLux delivers its leadership and management programmes using the Agylia LMS and Apps

QuoLux wanted a way to deliver its range of accredited and unaccredited online learning and MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programmes to business leaders globally.

Agylia LMS delivers QuoLux's leadership and management pro...

The Challenge

QuoLux is a provider of high-performance leadership and management services. Their LEAD, GOLD, GAIN and MBA programmes are undertaken by business owners, directors and senior managers.

QuoLux wanted a platform that would enable their delegates to access online learning content and communications, and enable peer-to-peer networking within their delegate community.

Agylia LMS delivers QuoLux's leadership and management pro...

The Solution

The Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) and mobile learning Apps was selected as the platform for QuoLux because of its ease of use for learners and administrators, and modern functionality - including support for mobile delivery and highly configurable user interfaces.

Agylia has provided QuoLux with two, individually branded learner portals - one branded QuoLux for their LEAD, GOLD and GAIN programmes, and the other featuring the Leading MBA branding.

Both learner portals are managed via a single administration portal, enabling QuoLux to easily target learning content and learning pathways, and facilitate social learning on a global scale.

The Agylia LMS provides QuoLux with the ability to deliver a wide range of curated learning content, from many sources, including microlearning courses, assessments, quizzes, videos, podcasts, documents and events.

Using Agylia’s Action Based Learning feature, QuoLux are able to assign practical tasks for delegates to complete, such as event preparation. Delegates can upload evidence of task completion - such as presentation slides or recordings - and add reflections/comments on tasks and activities.    

In addition to online access via the learner portals, with the Agylia Apps - for iOS and Android devices - QuoLux delegates are able to access the digital learning content they need, even when offline - ensuring the delegates can commit time to the programmes whether they are at work, at home or travelling.

Supporting the latest Experience API, Agylia enables all learning experiences to be tracked and reported on. Independent learning activities, personal learning undertaken outside of the LMS and learning experiences via the Apps can be recorded to form part of a learning record - providing QuoLux with greater understanding of their delegates’ learning experiences. 

QuoLux and Leading MBA PortalsQuoLux and Leading MBA Portals

The Result

Rachael Ramos, Programme Director at QuoLux said, “The learning experiences we provide our delegates, at each step of their learning pathway and facilitator-led learning, is a key priority for us. It’s easy to see the Agylia LMS and Apps are designed with great user experiences in mind. The learner portal designs created by Agylia are fantastic. The ease-of-use and engaging interfaces, styled to meet our different brands, provides our delegates with the best possible experiences.

In addition to providing the ability to access learning content, the social learning features of the Agylia LMS enable QuoLux delegates to share learning experiences, discuss issues and expand their networks with other delegates on their programmes.

“Our delegates recognise the importance and powerful nature of learning with like-minded peers. The Agylia LMS has enables us to connect our cohorts, with facilitators and other delegates through the adoption of social learning - providing our delegates with the capability to communicate and discuss their learning journey.”

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