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Agylia provides mobile delivery of retail sales training for The Sleep Council

To improve the sales skills of retail staff, The Sleep Council wanted to provide training and support materials to sales staff - all accessible on a range of mobile devices.

Agylia provides mobile delivery of sales training

The Challenge

“Retail sales staff are faced with an unkind stereotype, with some people believing they are only interested in making a quick sale, and that they have no interest in the needs of customers", said Simon Williams, Marketing Manager at The Sleep Council. "Our aim is to reduce that stereotype by complementing product knowledge with some specific knowledge of sleep and how it can be used to build trust with consumers.”

Agylia provides mobile delivery of sales training

The Solution

The Sleep Council wanted to transform the post-eLearning experiences of retail sales staff. Agylia mobile learning Apps are used as the platform to deliver the Sleep Hub App. This gives retail sales staff – who have successfully completed the eLearning programme – some ongoing professional development and continued access to sleep-related reference and performance support materials. For example, Office and PDF documents, videos, news and blogs, via iOS and Android devices.

Due to the nature of the learning environment, where staff are ‘on the shop floor’ the majority of their time, the Sleep Hub App provides access to the latest materials wherever and whenever required. Content can be downloaded while the device is online, then saved for offline use later. Learning materials, latest news and content update notifications can also be sent directly to the Apps. The mobile learning Apps fully integrate with The Sleep Council’s corporate branding, providing a consistent look and feel, in addition to a comprehensive learning experience.

Simon explained, “The ability for us to provide retail sales staff with the latest sleep-related news and materials via the Sleep Hub App is invaluable. It means we are helping them when it is needed most – during retail situations.”   

A moderated social forum within the Sleep Hub App provides The Sleep Council with an interactive communications channel where they can engage retail sales staff, discussing the latest news, developments and learning materials. The forum also enables The Sleep Council to identify with areas where additional training may be required.        

The Sleep Council’s range of traditional eLearning, combined with the mobile optimised learning elements, are hosted on the next generation Agylia Learning Management System (LMS). Agylia’s scalable nature gives The Sleep Council a modern and secure learning infrastructure, with no limit to the amount of resources they can deliver or the number of staff they can reach.

In addition to conventional SCORM data tracking, Agylia incorporates an Experience API (Tin Can) Learning Records Store (LRS) for the capture of both formal and informal learning experiences. This means that The Sleep Council can track and report on a significantly richer set of learning activities, giving them a greater understanding of staff development paths.      

The Sleep Council Sales Academy

Agylia Learning Management System provides mobile delivery of sales training for The Sleep Council

The Result

All learning experiences can now be tracked, either via the eLearning courses or the Sleep Hub App. Simon explained, “It has unlocked a clear picture of our whole learning programme. We can see the positive impact our training is having upon retail sales staff, both in terms of their improved sleep knowledge and increased sales.”  

Sales Conversion Rates (SCR), the key metrics for retail staff, are recorded within Agylia at the beginning of the programme. Throughout the training, further SCRs are recorded, enabling The Sleep Council to see, easily and clearly, the progress and development of staff. This also helps The Sleep Council to give additional support to employees as and when required.

The Sleep Council Sales Academy and Sleep Hub App have brought benefits to staff, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

“Through improved sleep knowledge, retail sales staff are now being seen by customers as trusted advisors, and this has been demonstrated by the increase in their SCRs,” concluded Simon. “Retailers are also benefitting from their staff’s increased knowledge, not just from the increased levels of bed sales, but by the upselling and cross-selling of products. Most importantly, customers are happier, too.”

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