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Agylia provides the Foreign & Commonwealth Office with global learning reach

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) wanted an LMS and mobile learning Apps to improve the professional skills of over 20,000 Diplomatic staff worldwide.

Agylia provides the FCO with global learning reach

The Challenge

FCO staff are based in British Consulates and Embassies all over the world. The nature of their work means that they travel a great deal and are often out of their office on official business.

The FCO wanted a modern and flexible way of supporting their staff with a range of training, support and reference materials on a wide range of topics.

Agylia provides the FCO with global learning reach

The Solution

The FCO needed to provide their staff with accurate, up-to-date digital learning content and support materials, including eLearning, videos and documents, which could be controlled from a central point for distribution, tracking and management.

Performance optimisation of content delivery was important and the Agylia Learning Management System’s (LMS) global content distribution network was a vital part of ensuring that the FCO's digital learning content could be distributed to large concurrent user numbers.

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Security was a particular feature of the FCO's requirement and Agylia’s track record here was crucial in ensuring that threat analysis could be addressed and a range of additional security measures offered.

Mobile delivery is important for the FCO and the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps, for iOS and Android devices, enable FCO staff to download content and access it even when offline - such as when they're travelling to consulates worldwide.

Digital learning content that's targeted to groups or individual staff can be downloaded onto a user's own tablet or smartphone - enabling the user to access content when needed, wherever they are. Even when they're offline, all content interactions are fully tracked. When the user next connects, all tracking data is automatically passed back to the Agylia LMS and content updates are passed back to the App.

FCO GLO (Global Learning Opportunities) Platform

The FCO Global Learning Opportunities Platform

FCO's Diplomatic Academy

FCO's Diplomatic Academy

The Result

Many different types of learning and support materials can be provided to staff globally using any device (PCs, laptops or mobile devices).

Supporting the latest Experience API, Agylia enables all learning experiences to be tracked and reported on, even independent learning activities such as one-to-one mentoring or personal learning undertaken by staff outside the LMS can be recorded and form part of the user’s learning record. This is a major step forward from old fashioned SCORM based LMS systems.

Agylia is easy to use and has been very well received by staff who appreciate the modern, user-friendly interface that's fully branded and rich functionality.  

With such a full set of functionality included as standard within the system, the implementation went quickly with most areas of the system being able to be configured to suit the FCO’s specific needs as part of the set up.

Full training was provided and the overall project was brought in quickly, without fuss and within the budgeted costs and timescales.

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