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eLearning Studios adds the Agylia LMS to its offering as they join the Agylia Partner Programme

eLearning Studios wanted to modernise and enhance their service offering with a next generation learning management platform.

eLearning Studios joins the Agylia Partner Programme

The Challenge

eLearning Studios and its new VR Learning Studio division are leaders in designing engaging learning content using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) techniques. To complement their learning content, eLearning Studios needed a class leading learning management solution they could provide for their customers to manage and deliver their learning programmes.

Nitin Thakrar, CEO eLearning Studios and VR Learning Studio said, “To continue to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, we had to update our outdated learning management solution offering. We needed a solution with the latest technologies, such as mobile learning, social learning, gamification and the Experience API.”

eLearning Studios joins the Agylia Partner Programme

The Solution

Following successful discussions with Agylia, eLearning Studios joined the Agylia Partner Programme.

Through the programme, eLearning Studios can provide their customers with the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) and range of Agylia mobile learning Apps.

“From the first time I saw the Agylia LMS and mobile learning Apps, I could see the benefits it would provide our customers,” explained Nitin. “Our customers need engaging learning experiences, Agylia’s attractive, fully branded and responsive learner portals will enable our customers to enhance the learning programmes they deliver to their learners.”  

The Agylia LMS will provide eLearning Studios’ customers with a modern platform to easily manage, schedule and deliver their digital learning (including eLearning courses created by eLearning Studios) and performance support materials, such as videos, PDFs, Office documents and much more.

With the range of Agylia mobile learning Apps - for iOS and Android devices - learners can download the digital learning and support materials they need, ready for access at the point of need on their own mobile devices – even while offline.

“We understand that the modern learner wants learning that is inspiring, fun and allows them to collaborate, share and learn from others. This is achieved through gameful design approaches and a platform with the latest gamification and social learning features,” said Nitin.

Agylia’s enhanced social learning and gamification features - including discussion forums, user generated content uploading and trophies and badges - enables learners to share their knowledge and experiences with one another, while showing their competitive side on leaderboards - encouraging engagement and adoption of content.

The Result

“We are delighted to be part of the Agylia Partner Programme and to have access to the latest LMS solutions. The Agylia LMS provides a very powerful and flexible delivery infrastructure, which we can offer to our customers,” explained Nitin.

Within the first month of joining the programme, a number of eLearning Studios customers have selected Agylia as their next generation learning management platform.

Nitin added, “Agylia have been great to work with. They have been supportive throughout the whole process, from providing sales demonstrations to full project management of implementations. The response from our customers has been very positive.”

“We look forward to continuing our productive partnership and providing our customers with the latest Agylia learning management solutions,” concluded Nitin.

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