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Agylia create bespoke eLearning programme for Meningitis Now to train pharmacists across the UK

Meningitis Now and Pfizer needed an engaging and mobile ready eLearning programme to train pharmacists and raise awareness of meningitis across the UK. They wanted a partner who would work closely with them to design and create the eLearning programme.

Agylia create bespoke eLearning programme for Meningitis Now

The Challenge

“Pharmacists play a vital role in supporting their community and educating the public on a wide range of health topics, including meningitis. Training pharmacists at their pharmacies across the UK is costly and time consuming - as a not-for-profit organisation, that is not an option for us,” said Rachel Robinson, Acting Chief Executive at Meningitis Now.

“Funded by Pfizer, we wanted a modern and engaging way to train pharmacists and provide them with the information needed to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis and how the public can maximise the benefits of the national immunisation programme.”

Agylia create bespoke eLearning programme for Meningitis Now

The Solution

Agylia were selected to design, create and deliver ‘Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark for Pharmacies’ - a programme of 3 x 15 minute eLearning modules and final assessment.

“From the first meeting with Agylia, they made the programme personal to Meningitis Now. Agylia listened to what we needed, were considerate of our budget and understood our audience. At all times, they made sure learner needs were at the forefront of our learning,” recalled Rachel.

Working in collaboration with Meningitis Now’s subject matter experts, Agylia designed a range of illustrations and storyboards to present how eye-catching graphics and interactions can turn complex information into clear, accurate and engaging learning.

“Scientific accuracy is very important in any information, messaging and training we provide. Agylia were supportive of us as we worked to ensure the accuracy of our content. Agylia then presented great concepts on how this information could be represented throughout our eLearning programme,” explained Rachel.   

Due to the nature of the learning environment, where pharmacists have access to a range of technologies and devices, the Agylia learning services team created the eLearning modules using the latest responsive authoring solutions. Responsive eLearning changes layout depending on a user’s device - meaning it can be accessed on the widest range of devices - desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Responsive eLearning also enabled the creation of single versions of each module, enabling the same eLearning programme to be delivered to the widest range of users - a key requirement for Meningitis Now.

Meningitis Now’s ‘Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark for Pharmacies’ programme is delivered via the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) - read the LMS case study. The Agylia LMS provides a responsive, Meningitis Now branded learner portal for pharmacists to access the eLearning programme.

Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark for Pharmacies

Agylia design and create engaging eLearning programme for Meningitis Now

The Result

Rachel concluded, “Pharmacists are constantly interacting with their community and are typically time poor, with limited opportunity for training. Agylia has delivered an educationally powerful, yet highly engaging eLearning programme for pharmacists to gain their Meningitis Aware Recognition Mark.”

"Agylia has helped us put Meningitis Aware firmly in the minds of pharmacists across the UK. They are now able to provide the latest information and support to their local community.”

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