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Royal Bank of Scotland educate small business customers with Agylia

To enhance its service offering to small business customers, the Royal Bank of Scotland wanted a way to reach them with the latest support materials.

RBS educate small business customers with mobile learning App

The Challenge

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) wanted to reach its small business customers with good quality eLearning across a wide range of employment law & HR, health & safety and environmental management topic areas.

The aim was to provide a rich selection of learning resources for customers, so enhancing the service offered by RBS.

RBS educate small business customers with mobile learning App

The Solution

Agylia was selected to host the learning resources and deliver them via a mobile learning App that could be used both online and offline. The Agylia App can provide learning resources, including eLearning courses and reference materials, for customers to use at any time, in any place – an important part of the solution. It was also crucial that the user interface was smooth and attractive to support the RBS reputation as a leading provider of financial services.

The range of eLearning courses was created by our learning services team, using the Agylia eLearning authoring module. The courses were engaging, informative, interactive and based on internal training source content from RBS.

Agylia is used to centrally manage the delivery of the eLearning courses – together with a range of corporate communications, such as magazines, newsletters and technical updates – to chosen user groups.

The easy-to-use Agylia mobile learning App provides an intuitive and attractive interface, along with a smooth user experience. It was designed to fully integrate with the RBS corporate branding.

The Agylia mobile learning App consists of a course catalogue to enable offline storage and completion of eLearning courses. Data feeds selected from a range of corporate communications, such as RSS, news, blogs and Twitter feeds, were set up within the App – this provided a single interface to a range of learning and corporate communications resources.

The App also includes performance support tools designed for use by the audience to increase the usefulness and enjoyment of the App. These performance support tools help users to calculate employee legal entitlements, such as maternity allowances and holiday pay.

RBS MentorAware App

Agylia provides RBS with Mobile Learning App

The Result

Small business customers at RBS can download the App from the App Store. The eLearning courses can be preloaded inside the App or downloaded separately from a mobile learning platform. For this project, the chosen route was to preload content within the App and allow registered users to unlock it. 

All content was hosted on Agylia, which allows new and updated content to be pushed out to users quickly and easily from this centrally managed point. This means RBS can keep the content – and therefore their customers – up to date with the latest legal and best practice developments.

Full push update functionality was included, enabling users to see at-a-glance when new or updated courses were available. Data tracking and usage analytics were provided, enabling RBS to gain valuable insights into the mindset and usage patterns of the audience. For example, the bank could identify which content has been most used by customers; which has been returned to frequently; which content is less used; and where potential exists for future development products and services.

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