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Agylia LMS delivers risk and compliance eLearning to 20,000 Deloitte employees

Deloitte wanted to enhance the learning they provide their staff as part of their risk management curriculum by delivering truly innovative and memorable learning experiences.

Agylia LMS delivers compliance eLearning to Deloitte

The Challenge

Deloitte is a multinational professional services organisation that provides audit, consulting, financial advisory and tax related services.

To provide their staff with the best learning experiences, Deloitte have to be at the forefront with their learning technologies offering. To achieve this, Deloitte needed the state-of-the-art features their existing global platform couldn’t supply.

Agylia LMS delivers compliance eLearning to Deloitte

The Solution

“We selected the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) and mobile learning Apps as our platform because of its advanced functionality and ability to deliver modern and engaging learning experiences - such as mobile learning, microlearning and game-based learning,” said Mat Tinker, Senior Learning Manager at Deloitte.

The Agylia LMS was easily integrated into Deloitte’s existing global LMS infrastructure. This enabled Deloitte to introduce and deliver new learning experiences quickly and cost effectively - without replacing their existing solution.

When a new staff member joins and is active on Deloitte’s global solution, an Agylia account is created automatically, so they can access the digital learning content they require from day one. 

“We use Agylia to deliver a whole range of digital learning resources. This includes prestigious eLearning and microlearning courses and a range of performance support materials, such as videos and PDF documents, all accessed by 20,000 Deloitte staff across the UK and selected European countries,” explained Mat.

Using the Agylia mobile learning Apps, Deloitte are able to provide their staff with continuous learning experiences. With Deloitte staff traveling on a regular basis, whether that’s for the daily commute to and from the office or to visit clients, the Agylia Apps enable on-the-go access to the latest learning courses and performance support materials.

Mat commented, “It’s important that we can give our staff access to learning and related materials, not only via their office desktop, but also on their tablet and mobile devices. With Agylia, they can download content, go offline and still access that content even without internet connectivity.”  

The Agylia mobile learning Apps provide Deloitte staff with the power and freedom to access the content they need, wherever they are and whenever it suits them.    

Deloitte employees are able to download the mobile learning Apps, which are available for iOS and Android devices, via Deloitte’s own enterprise App store. The Apps provide quick and easy access to Deloitte’s digital learning content, for use on tablet and mobile devices.

Supporting the latest Experience API, Agylia enables all learning experiences to be tracked and reported on.  

“Agylia has help us to track and report on a wide range of activities, even those undertaken when a device is offline (using the mobile learning Apps) - when considering the important aspect of compliance, this ensures that we have a complete record of all learning,” said Mat.

The Result

Since going live with Agylia, over 250,000 risk management and compliance related courses have been completed by Deloitte staff.  

“To deliver truly memorable learning experiences, we’ve combined Agylia’s state-of-the-art learning platform with their high-quality digital learning content. We’ve now been able to provide our staff across the UK with modern and engaging learning programmes,” said Mat.

Mat concluded, “The team at Agylia are always willing to discuss ideas and concepts for new technologies. Having a close relationship means that we can focus more on our learners’ needs and ensuring we provide the best learning experiences. With new ideas constantly being incorporated into the Agylia platform, we know we’ll stay at the forefront of the learning industry.”

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