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From complex to creative. Agylia transforms risk and compliance eLearning at Deloitte

Deloitte wanted to turn complex risk management and compliance information into modern and engaging digital learning experiences.

Agylia transforms risk management and compliance at Deloitte

The Challenge

Deloitte is a multinational professional services organisation that provides audit, consulting, financial advisory and tax related services.

As part of their risk management curriculum, Deloitte wanted to support their UK employees with a range of modern and engaging digital learning content.

Agylia transforms risk management and compliance at Deloitte

The Solution

“Due to the importance and high profile nature of our risk management curriculum, we carried out a thorough evaluation process to select the right learning partner,” said Mat Tinker, Senior Learning Manager at Deloitte. “We selected Agylia as our learning content partner because of their ability to combine creativity with modern technical expertise.”  

Working closely with Deloitte’s subject matter experts, Agylia have combined modern instructional design concepts, custom-built media and graphics with the latest technical expertise, to create digital learning that has delivered advanced experiences to learners at Deloitte.

On Deloitte’s eLearning courses, Mat explained, “A number of our eLearning courses contain high-end videos that immerse learners in real-world scenarios. For one particular course, we wanted learners to be able to identify potential risks and threats in real time, as they worked through a number of scenarios.”

To achieve this, Agylia added interactive features to Deloitte’s high-end videos, complete with time sensitive features. This rewards learners for interacting at the correct point, while demonstrating that learning objectives are understood clearly. 

Agylia has also worked with Deloitte to create fun and inviting learning experiences by adding elements of gamification to Deloitte’s eLearning courses.

“Agylia has helped us to deliver an engaging eLearning game that ensures our staff are well informed and up-to-date. The game immerses learners in real-world situations where they have to demonstrate their knowledge while travelling the globe, collecting various assets and avoiding pitfalls. Agylia took detailed, process-centric information from our subject matter experts to create an inviting learning experience that delivers our objectives,” explained Mat.

In addition to new eLearning content, Agylia has worked with Deloitte to update existing eLearning content, which was produced by other suppliers. With a team of experienced and skilled instructional designers, Agylia used a number of different eLearning authoring solutions, depending on the need, to update Deloitte’s eLearning content to meet their current needs. 

“Due to the regulatory nature of the content, we’ve had some urgent requirements to update and deliver the content to our learners. Agylia have always met the challenge and delivered on time,” Mat commented.

The Result

Mat said, “Working with Agylia, we’ve refined our digital learning design processes in conjunction with internal controls and ways of working to create digital learning that delivers the knowledge required and great learning experiences.”

To achieve Deloitte’s learning objectives, Deloitte and Agylia have worked in partnership to turn complex risk management and compliance information into visually appealing, interactive and engaging eLearning content. 

“In addition to their content creation capabilities, what’s impressed me about Agylia is their willingness to try new ideas in order to improve the learning experiences we deliver.” Mat concluded, “In working with Agylia we’ve created a true working partnership, one built on trust and an understanding on the ways of working. They are always willing to discuss ideas and concepts for new designs and technologies that we can add into our learning programmes.”

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