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Overbury and Morgan Lovell fit out their workforce with learning resources using the Agylia LMS

Overbury and Morgan Lovell wanted to provide their distributed workforce with visibility and easy access to learning and performance support tools, without the need to bring them into the office.

Overbury and Morgan Lovell fit out their workforce with learning

The Challenge

Overbury and Morgan Lovell (part of Morgan Sindall Group) are specialists in the fit out, refurbishment and interior design of office, higher education, retail and leisure spaces.

With a distributed workforce, Overbury and Morgan Lovell wanted to provide their people with visibility and access to learning and performance support resources, even when they’re working on sites across the country. Removing the need to bring them into the office to undertake training.

Overbury and Morgan Lovell fit out their workforce with learning

The Solution

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Nick Faith, Head of Training & Development at Overbury and Morgan Lovell said, “When evaluating potential learning platforms I really did start at the beginning. I started looking at Moodle solutions versus SaaS solutions and very quickly came to the latter. When talking to different providers, what set Agylia apart was their ability to scale to deliver what we needed to do, both from a technology and support perspective.” 

The Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) was selected as the platform for Overbury and Morgan Lovell because of its ease of use for learners and administrators, and modern functionality - including support for mobile delivery and highly configurable user interface.

Agylia has provided Overbury and Morgan Lovell with a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use learning platform. With the Agylia LMS, Overbury and Morgan Lovell can easily upload and target a wide range of learning content, including eLearning courses, videos, events, PDFs and Word documents to support their workforce.

“Agylia were the right fit for us. They were able to provide a high quality user experience and I really liked their mobile delivery capabilities. Lots of our people work on sites all over the country, not all of them are in front of their computers, so being able to provide the same functionality and high quality learning experiences on mobile and desktop was really important,” added Nick.

Using the Agylia mobile learning Apps, Overbury and Morgan Lovell are able to provide their workforce with on-the-go access to the latest learning courses and performance support materials. The Apps - branded as MyToolkit - are available for iOS and Android devices and provide Overbury and Morgan Lovell staff with the power to access the content they need, wherever they are and whenever it suits them.    

Nick commented, “It’s important that we can give our workforce access to learning resources, not only via an office desktop, but also on their tablet and mobile devices. With the Agylia Apps, they can download content, go offline and still access that content even without internet connectivity.”

The Result

Discussing the benefits of Agylia, Nick said, “There have been a number of key benefits that we’ve found with Agylia. Some of them practical, such as having the Agylis LMS integrated with our HR system to support our processes and functions - taking some of the manual side out of how user records and learning records are automatically collected and uploaded.”

“From a learner perspective, with the Agylia LMS and mobile learning Apps we’ve been able to give our people visibility of our learning offer, previously we never had a platform that suitably did that before. Enabling people to see what training is available to them and giving them access to it has been really important step forward with our learning and development capabilities.”

“What Agylia also enables us, for the first time, is to let people take control of their training. That’s something we haven’t yet cracked in its entirety, but we now have a learning platform where people can sign-up and take responsibility for their own learning. This is an important shift in our learning culture - which has been enabled by Agylia.”

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