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Join the Learning Technology Research Project 2016

Join the Learning Technology Research Project 2016 - community science in action

Category: Mobile Learning

I spend a lot of my time with companies trying to figure out best practice in the use of the latest mobile learning technologies and recently I’ve been working with researchers from the University of the West of England in Bristol (UWE) to see how we can explore this area scientifically.

As a result, in November, we will be launching the Learning Technology Research Project 2016 (LTR Project) and I’d like to invite you to take part.

We hope it will be the year’s largest piece of research into the way people learn using mobile technologies and it should provide some really valuable insights into this very topical area which we will be sharing with all participants. But we need your help.

Have advances in learning technology started to outstrip our knowledge of how to use it?

The past few years have seen some really useful advances in the technologies available to us as educators:

Mobile delivery, Experience API, social learning, user generated content, have all meant that we can now do things which often were just not previously possible.

We are no longer limited to old fashioned SCORM tracked eLearning courses. Now learning management systems (LMS) can publish and track any form of digital learning and support assets, opening up the use of video, virtual classrooms, eBooks, and much more. Systems can push a rich set of content out to users in the traditional online way, or via Apps on phones and tablets so users may complete their training on any device, even when they are offline. 

Action Based Learning allows learning outside the LMS to be directed and monitored. Social features mean that learners can now interact and share with one another, perhaps uploading their own content. Gamification means learners can compete for recognition or even valuable rewards.

But, as the technology races ahead, how convinced are we that we know how to get the most out of it?

The LTR Project aims to discover more about how different people use mobile training and the effect it can have on them. 

Your chance to join the research project

This is your chance to join in a piece of real community science, to contribute to the L&D community and to experience mobile learning for yourself.

To join in, download the Learning Technology Research Project App onto your Apple or Android tablet or smartphone.

Then over the following two weeks you will receive a selection of short (4-6 minute) pieces of training which you can complete at your own pace. You will have the chance to experience mobile learning in action and be able to discuss issues and topics of interest with other research participants in the discussion areas. You will also have the chance to ask our panel of experts their views on a range of challenging topics.

It’s completely free to take part and on completion you will receive a certificate and a copy of the research findings as they become available.

Tim Buff
Author: Tim Buff

This article was published by Tim Buff on 27.10.2016. Tim is CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at Agylia. Tim's role is to help people and companies design and implement digital learning strategies - this often involves pushing boundaries to develop innovative and creative solutions.

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