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Have you heard about mobile learning Apps and microlearning

Have you heard about mobile learning Apps and microlearning programmes, but never actually experienced them?

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Get your free Agylia learning App and see for yourself what all the fuss around mobile learning and microlearning is about.

For the Learning Technology Research (LTR) Project, Agylia teamed up with academics from the University of the West of England to carry out an extensive research into the way real people, in the real world, use mobile learning technologies.

Over 300 participants joined in and received a set of microlearning modules, with delivery spaced over a two week period. Through a combination of tests, surveys and data analysis, we were able to gain some fascinating insights into the way people interact with mobile learning and microlearning modules, and how effective these approaches are.

We want to share these important findings as a major contribution to the debate on where learning is going.

Agylia is now making the LTR Project App freely available to everyone. Within the App, you will receive the microlearning programme as a series of learning modules, and the full report of findings from the research project.

The Learning Technology Research Project App:

To access the content, download the App for iOS devices, or download the App for Android devices. Alternatively, search ‘LTR Project’ in your devices’ App Store.

If you have heard about microlearning or your organisation is starting to consider mobile learning delivery, then this is an essential first step to understanding the whole area and getting real, first-hand experience of what it is like.

Because the research project itself is now completed, we’ve made all the content available - you don’t have to wait to receive it over a two week period. The discussion forums are now closed to new entries, but you can view comments and see the sorts of things people have been talking about.

The associated blogs and output reports area all conveniently included in the App for you to read and use in your own organisations.

The topic of the training is modern digital learning techniques. So when you have downloaded the App you can choose to simply view the overall project, or work your way through each microlearning module individually to learn about new approaches, see how they are put together, and experience what microlearning is all about.

The Apps work equally well on smartphones or tablets – it’s your choice.

To experience the LTR Project App, download the App for iOS devices, or download the App for Android devices.

Tim Buff
Author: Tim Buff

This article was published by Tim Buff on 16.05.2018. Tim is CEO and Chief Learning Strategist at Agylia. Tim's role is to help people and companies design and implement digital learning strategies - this often involves pushing boundaries to develop innovative and creative solutions.

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