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When is microlearning most effective?

When is microlearning most effective?

Category: Microlearning

In this video Alex Mackman, Technical Director at Agylia, discusses when microlearning is most effective and how it can be used as a standalone learning initiative, as part of a wider blended learning programme or for performance support.

When used for learning programmes, Alex looks at how microlearning can help embed knowledge and information in people's long term memory.

When used for performance support, Alex looks at how microlearning can be used to provide information that people need, at the point of need.


Alex Mackman
Author: Alex Mackman

This article was published by Alex Mackman on 29.10.2018. Alex is Technical Director at Agylia. He's responsible for the product strategy and operations side of the business. He has a passion for technology - specifically how it can be applied to learning.

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