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Your business is growing. So your learning capability grows

Your business is growing. So your learning capability grows with you

Many organisations can now be described as ‘blended’. Over time, they’ve been building and morphing into the shape they are today. 

Acquisitions are now called ‘divisions’ and are globally located. Travelling and learning can become a major cost for a rapidly growing and developing organisation.

Data such as that collected as part of the Agylia Learning Technology Research Project supports a body of evidence that shows learners will commit, engage and learn on a mobile device as a first choice – at a time that suits them.

The issue then becomes not ‘how to enrol staff onto learning programmes when they’re next in the office or on a PC’, but ‘how to engage remote staff with learning content that develops a new mobile-first culture of the business’.

As always, the aim is to empower individuals to learn more in a cost effective and ongoing manner; to be better contributors to the organisation; and to deliver improved colleague, customer, partner and stakeholder engagements.

The next real organisational issue is the learning content. Back in 1996, Bill Gates said of the emerging internet world, that ‘Content is King’.

It’s increasingly true today, as it was futuristic then. It has also become an essential and early issue for organisations that morph on a daily basis – how to deliver learning content to a device of choice and at a time of the learner’s choosing.

Most organisations take on the approach of finding a new learning management system (LMS) to deliver and fix the issue. What I’m proposing here is a new approach and, for something catchy, I’ll call that approach: 'One LMS to rule them all'.

As an organisation grows and morphs, it may have gathered – and it’s quite often the case – a multiple learning platform scenario, each relevant to the organisation at the time acquired. However now, as part of a bigger organisational model, it must change quickly to the single corporate look and feel.

Enter the 'One LMS to rule them all’ approach. Add learning content and courses from your existing LMS – or even multiple and different offerings – to the ‘one LMS’ and you’re well on the way to modernising your learning experiences.

Once over that hurdle, you can think about new learning delivery techniques – 70:20:10, microlearning and gamification, and even add in social learning and externally tracked courses and skills via Experience API (xAPI). 

If you think your current LMS is a sticking point, it’s time to hit the fast track to modernising your corporate learning.


Guest blog by John Driscoll

This is a guest post by John Driscoll from Agylis ANZ, an official Agylia partner in Australia and New Zealand. John regularly writes about learning technologies and practices via his LinkedIn articles

Author: John Driscoll

This article was published by John Driscoll on 22.10.2018. John is founder of Agylis ANZ, an Agylia Official Partner in Australia and New Zealand. John works with corporate, government and educational organisations to modernise their learning experiences.

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