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Five factors when choosing an LMS for new learning programmes

Five factors not to overlook when choosing an LMS for new learning programmes

When selecting a new Learning Management System (LMS) to provide new learning programmes, you will no doubt be looking at some of the latest technology. New technology is truly impressive, but there are other aspects you shouldn't overlook before deciding on the right LMS for you.

If you’re looking to deliver your learning programmes on a new and different platform, here are five factors that you should consider:

1. Cost effective

Cost is, of course, an important factor in the delivery of any learning programme. For projects where you have a single, defined learning programme to be delivered, find out how cost-effective your LMS supplier can be with the price.

Top Tip: Talk to the LMS supplier about project pricing options for limited use on a specific training project as opposed to a full LMS solution. 

2. Security check

The online world is security conscious. Your new system needs to be safe, particularly if it is cloud-based. It is vital that your supplier is ISO 27001 certified (or has equivalent third-party certification) and has a sound track record in secure solutions.

Top Tip: Pay careful attention to the implementation and infrastructure of security controls in the design of an LMS system. Choose a supplier that can protect your content and your data, wherever it is in the world.

3. Compliance training

If the aim of your compliance training programme is to roll out important new policies or procedures to staff or external partners, you may want to be certain that all relevant people have completed it. Strong compliance functionality – perhaps linked to certification – could be a key feature, so do not overlook this important area.

Top Tip: Concentrate on compliance if it’s relevant to you and opt for a solution that has comprehensive compliance functionality readily available.

4. Reporting

You will want to know the impact and reach of your learning programmes, so ascertain that you can run reports showing how your learners have interacted with your content and access any relevant assessment results.

Top Tip: LMS solutions that use Experience API will give you a more powerful analysis of learners’ activities than SCORM based systems.

5. Service analysis

Make a thorough check on your LMS suppliers' service level agreements. You have to know you can rely on them.

Top Tip: Speak to past and present customers to get a real picture of how reliable and attentive particular providers are. How good are they at communicating? How do they respond when there’s a problem?

Author: Agylia

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