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Selecting a LMS to engage your team with new learning experiences

Engage your team with new learning experiences - five key points to consider when selecting a Learning Management System

Learning technologies took a big leap forward when Apps were added as a delivery option, as well as social learning and gamification experiences. Needless to say, all the latest Learning Management Systems (LMSs) have integrated these features into their modus operandi.

More established solutions often have a wider set of features, though many of these features don’t provide the experiences expected by today’s modern learners.

As a result, you could have problems when trying to implement new learning experiences in an organisation that is unwilling or perhaps unable to drop its existing LMS. If this is the case, what are your options?

Replace your existing LMS with a new modern LMS? Or intregrate a new modern LMS with your existing LMS?

Here are five tips to help you deliver new learning experiences.

1. Consult your learners

Mobile learning, microlearning, work-based learning, gamification and social learning all have their place, but what’s important to you is to understand which tools are the most relevant and useful to your workplace.

Top Tip: Listen to your learners. Figure out exactly what kind of learning experiences they want and how that will improve their organisational performance.

2. Speak to your supplier

Talk with your existing supplier and look at their latest product releases. They may already have what you need. If they have, all you have to do is find out how you can use it in your business.

If it’s not already there, is it in the pipeline? This can be a tough question and suppliers may be guarded with their answers. Push them a little harder about exactly what the product is, what it can do and when they could deliver it. It’s easier to update and improve an existing system than it is to buy a new one.

Top Tip: This is where you can use your experience and exercise a little judgement. Your relationship with the supplier, their past performance and their technical infrastructure will all have a bearing on whether you decide to stay with them and wait for promised improvements or cast your eyes further and look elsewhere.

3. Improve or replace

In cases where a company has made a significant investment in their existing LMS, and perhaps integrated it with other systems, there will be an understandable reluctance to scrap it. Though a modern cloud-based LMS is likely to cost less than the system it’s replacing and be easier to install, company bosses could still be worried about forsaking the best and most popular parts of the old network. The good news is that you can tell them they don’t have to.

A new LMS worth its salt should be able to incorporate the most valued features of the old system, so that users get the best of both.

Top Tip: Make sure that you can fully integrate your new LMS with your existing one to give your learners as smooth a transition as possible.

4. Look to the future

If you’re less than happy with your existing system, it could well be because your supplier has not moved with the times. Do a little digging around to find out which providers have a reputation for being agile, innovative and ahead of the pack. Even if you’re not planning to use them across the whole business just yet, it’s always good to know which supplier could take on the whole job if and when the need arises.

Top Tip: Look for an established provider with a sound record in dealing with big companies, a good reputation for ground-breaking ideas and a willingness to work in partnership with you.

5. Functionality vs features

As a general rule, new suppliers have tightly focussed functionality sets and put their emphasis on the latest ideas. Conversely, older suppliers tend to offer more mature systems that have a long list of features to cover more traditional requirements.

Top Tip: Think about how you want to deliver your new learning experiences, then match that with the LMS supplier which can best give you that functionality. Aim to be at the forefront of your industry and always be open to new ideas.

Author: Agylia

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