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Microlearning your opportunity for business transformation

Video: Microlearning - your opportunity for business transformation

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Watch a recording of our Learning Technologies 2017 Summer Forum seminar: Microlearning - your opportunity for business transformation.

Demand for mobile learning solutions, the popularity of video-based training, lower tolerance for boredom, reduced concentration spans, and the expectation for information to be available on demand are all conspiring to guarantee that microlearning has a key part to play in the future of corporate learning.

This recording explains why microlearning must feature within any modern, digital learning strategy and how to capitalise on its many benefits. You'll also discover how to:

  • identify the benefits of microlearning for both organisations and individuals
  • describe the top scenarios ideally suited to microlearning
  • recognise instructional design considerations for building effective microlearning
  • show how the latest mobile delivery methods can be used to provide microlearning - anytime, anywhere
  • define platform requirements for effective microlearning delivery
  • detail how to incorporate microlearning as part of a broader digital learning strategy
Alex Mackman
Author: Alex Mackman

This article was published by Alex Mackman on 21.07.2017. Alex is Technical Director at Agylia. He's responsible for the product strategy and operations side of the business. He has a passion for technology - specifically how it can be applied to learning.

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