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New CPD Planning feature in the Agylia Learning Management System

New CPD Planning feature added to the Agylia Learning Management System - providing a complete CPD solution

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Agylia announces a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Planning feature for the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) - providing organisations with a complete solution for the delivery of learning content and the Planning, Recording, Progress Tracking and Auditing of CPD activities.

Alex Mackman, Technical Director at Agylia said, “We’ve worked with our corporate and membership body customers to develop a fully configurable CPD solution within the Agylia LMS - one that is able to adapt and reflect the CPD requirements of an organisation and its learners. The Agylia LMS provides organisations with a robust platform for the delivery and management of learning and CPD experiences.”

CPD Planning is a key element of the overall CPD lifecycle. It allows learners to assess their current skills and competencies, how they would like to develop and where they would like to be at the end of their next CPD cycle. The new CPD Planning feature within the Agylia LMS enables learners to create CPD plans and set targeted objectives against different skills, competencies, knowledge development, or learning outcomes they wish to achieve.  

CPD Progress Tracking within the Agylia LMS provides learners with easy access to insights into their CPD record, and how they’re progressing against their targets at any point throughout the year.

The Agylia LMS provides learners with easy access to a with a wide range of digital learning and CPD content, including eLearning and microlearning courses, assessments, videos, podcasts, PDFs and online/webinar events. With the Agylia Mobile Learning Apps - for iOS and Android devices - learners are able to access the content they need, even when offline - whether they are at work, at home or travelling.

Automated CPD Recording within the Agylia LMS and Apps helps to ensure that a learner’s CPD journal reflects their learning activities and is always up-to-date.

Where learning is completed outside of the Agylia LMS or Apps, such as attending a conference or seminar, or reading of an academic journal, learners are able to record the activity, upload evidence e.g. attendance certificates, and provide reflections on the learning outcomes.

Agylia supports CPD Auditing, which can be performed by internal and external reviewers. Internal reviewers, such as managers or team leaders etc, are able to review and provide learners with feedback on their CPD activities via a one-to-one chat feature. Agylia also enables learners to share their CPD record with external reviewers, such as membership bodies or accreditors - to ensure it meets required objectives or standards. 

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