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Agylia releases series of videos covering microlearning

Agylia releases series of videos covering one of L&D’s hottest topics: Microlearning

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Agylia has released a series of videos covering microlearning - delving into the key concepts of one of learning and development’s most talked about topics.

Alex Mackman, Technical Director at Agylia said, “Microlearning is one of the biggest buzzwords in corporate learning and development today. But, like most buzzwords, it has been used too often, misused and regularly misunderstood.” 

“Microlearning is however more than a buzzword. The expectation that information is available on demand, the appetite for a mobile-first approach and the popularity of video-based training are all guaranteeing that microlearning is here to stay.”

The video series from Agylia looks to provide everyone with a clear understanding of the key concepts of microlearning, such as what makes microlearning different from other forms of digital learning. The videos also explain why microlearning can feature as part of wider blended learning or performance support programmes and how it can work for sales training, leadership development, induction / onboarding and other learning initiatives.

The series of 8 videos helps to answer common questions including:

  • What is microlearning?
  • What benefits can microlearning bring to organisations and learners?
  • Where can microlearning be most effective?
  • How can microlearning be incorporated into digital learning and performance support strategies?
  • What are the platform and content design considerations of adopting a microlearning approach?

Watch the full series of videos covering microlearning:

1. What is microlearning?

2. Microlearning Benefits

3. Microlearning and Performance Support

4. Microlearning and Spaced Learning

5. Microlearning Key Drivers

6. Microlearning Scenarios

7. Microlearning Design Considerations

8. Microlearning Platform Requirements

Author: Agylia

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