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Agylia extends microlearning support with enhanced scheduling

Agylia extends microlearning support with enhanced content scheduling and delivery capabilities

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Agylia is pleased to announce that the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) now features extended content scheduling options to enhance the delivery of microlearning by using spaced learning and spaced retrieval techniques.

Alex Mackman, Technical Director at Agylia, said “Spaced learning, spaced retrieval and spaced repetition are important learning techniques that are particularly powerful when combined with microlearning. The enhanced content scheduling and delivery capabilities available within the Agylia LMS are designed to support spaced delivery, and can also be used to augment more formal training interventions for example by scheduling content before, during and after online or classroom based sessions.”   

For LMS administrators, Agylia provides an intuitive portal that enables a wide range of learning content, including eLearning and microlearning courses, videos, podcasts, PDFs and other support resources, to be quickly and easily uploaded ready for targeting and scheduled delivery to individuals or groups of learners.  

The enhancements enable content to be scheduled for automatic delivery around session activities, such as:  

  • schedule the delivery of a questionnaire, pre-course survey or other preparatory materials before a classroom training session
  • schedule content for delivery during a multi-day training session and
  • schedule reinforcement materials, quizzes or surveys in the period after a session using spaced delivery techniques for learning reinforcement

The scheduling of content automatically drives notifications to keep users informed of when new content is available to them.

With a focus on user experience, through engaging interfaces, simple navigation and extensive search capabilities, the Agylia learner portal provides learners with easy access to their digital learning content – helping to increase user adoption and engagement.

The range of Agylia mobile learning Apps, for iOS and Android devices, allows learners to access the content they need - when online and offline - via their preferred tablet or mobile device.

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